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Flower Lamp

The Flower Lamp

This project aims to engage nature figures in fabrication design and push acrylic material property to its limit. The challenge of this project is to avoid using any bounding compounds by researching and understanding the functionality of fish shell structure to fabricate flower night lamps. This project helped me to be conscious of the vitality of laser cut tolerance.



The festive theme for this year’s digital fabrication festival held in London was’ pop-up city.’
We aimed for participating teams to deliver an experience that can conceptually teleport through a few cities when you visit this pavilion from N.Y.C. We also wanted to implement an educational moment by designing and fabricating a pavilion that will make a distinctive and positive contribution to this micro-city festival entrance. The pavilion was designed to be through the void of the empire state building (vertical parameters 14-22). resolution3 is a distributed network creating a geometric and conceptual image of the city as the relationship between the system of cubes and the inhabitants. 

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